Wine therapy has been practiced since the Middle Ages when wine was mixed with medicinal herbs to find healing effects to different illnesses. It consists of therapies with healing purposes having the wine as medicinal agent.

The grapes are rich in polyphenols which fight the free radicals that cause 80% of premature aging.

These radicals are generated by light, contamination, smoke, etc.

The polyphenols:

● Increase the blood vessels’ resistance reinforcing the microcirculation.

● Protect the colagen fibers and elastin

● Prevent the destruction of acids that constitute the tissue.

Resveratrol has been isolated in grapes as the principal acting polyphenol which has has been confirmed as having 10,000 times more effect than vitamin E.

It’s periodic use has the following effects:

● The skin on the outside gains firmness protecting it from the free radicals.

● Improves the skin’s elasticity, tone, and radiation.

● In depth, it has been seen to improve (24%) cell reproduction.


Barrel Baths of grape skin

The effect of our mineral waters rich in microelements near the skin, pulp, and seeds, giving a soft exfoliating action, combined with essential oils which may be relaxing or energizing.

Red Wine Bath

Together with our hydromassage of healing waters rich in microelements, red wine is used (of your selection), resulting in a tonic action, which is strengthen with the use of essential oils to give an energetic or relaxing touch.


Cabernet sauvignon exfoliant

A body massage using an artisanal cream of grape seeds, organic honey and essential oils to eliminate dead cells leaving the skin softer and with better appearance.

Merlot Relaxing

A corporal massage using an oil based from Merlot seeds and essential oils to relax muscles and eliminate stress.

Lymphatic Drainage

Grape seed oil mixed with anti cellulitis components to eliminate retained liquids and drain the lymphatic nodules to improve the skin’s aspecte.